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Corporations interested in recruitment should completely the following steps:

1) Join the IOU DIPLO channel in-game & complete our Corp Application form.
2) Speak to an official alliance diplomat regarding corp recruitment.
3) Meet our minimum requirements.

If you complete the application form but nobody was in the diplo channel to speak with you, please allow up to 24h and one of our diplos will be in touch. Keep in mind that Evictus is currently part of Legacy Coalition, and thus is PVP-centric. Minimum PVP requirements and minimum member requirements will need to be met to join the alliance. Our diplomats will have more information.
Moon Mining / VOWRA R16 Moon Mining
« Last post by [vowra]franzjosef on August 04, 2018, 12:15:16 pm »

11th of August 2018
Eve Time 07.00

Q-HJ97 - Beer garden   Moon Mining

20 %tax,Ore Payment Voices of War - Research and Production

Ore:Chromite, Cubic Bistot, Euxenite, Zircon
Public Access Support / Evictus IT Service Access and Authentication
« Last post by [FOLDN] Exiom on June 08, 2018, 02:05:56 pm »
Hello there! You are reading this because you have either lost access or you have not yet authenticated.

First... Get authenticated.
  • Please visit
  • Press "LOG IN with EVE Online
  • Enter the Username and Password FOR YOUR MAIN CHARACTER
  • Select your MAIN CHARACTER then Click "AUTHORIZE"
  • Input your Email Address (Any will do as long as you can receive the verification email.)
  • Wait for the confirmation email and verify your account.
  • If it hasn't arrived, wait... it will come... time depends on how quickly google delivers to your domain.
  • Once verified, login again like 1-4

Activating the Services
  • Login as above.
  • You will find the services link on the left menu.
  • Click the Tick icon for Discord under Action.
  • You will be taken to the Discord website or not already logged in.
  • Click "Authorize"
  • You will automatically join the server. No invites required.
  • To access Discord if you don't already know how, click on the link provided in the services page.

  • Login as above.
  • You will find the services link on the left menu.
  • Click the Tick icon for Mumble under Action.
  • You will be provided a Username and Password for Login.
  • You MUST input the Username as provided, so you are best to just COPY & PASTE.
  • After pressing "Continue", you may elect to set your own password.
  • is the address of the server.
  • There already exist a guide on how to get on Mumble.
  • Use common sense, you obviously use this new user/pass and not the forum user/pass like the guide.
  • Clicking the link provided on the services page also trigger Mumble to connect. (May not work for all browsers)
  • *** For those of you who has the urge to create channels you can make temp channels under "Recreational Fleets and Channels"  ***
  • *** These temporary channels will be deleted when everyone leaves that particular channel.  ***

SMF Forums
  • Login as above.
  • You will find the services link on the left menu.
  • Click the Tick icon for SMF Forums under Action.
  • You will be provided a Username and Password for Login.
  • You MUST input the Username as provided, so you are best to just COPY & PASTE.
  • After pressing "Continue", you may elect to set your own password.
  • Clicking the link provided on the services page will take you to the forums.
  • *** After successful login using the NEW account, you may optionally edit the following within rules.  ***
  • *** Display Name: You may ONLY tidy it up by going from [foldn]exiom to [FOLDN] Exiom ***
  • *** Changing your display name to anything else but your main's name WILL result in disciplinary action.  ***
  • *** Your Avatar: You may elect to upload an avatar. ***
  • *** Your Avatar can be your main's portrait or something appropriate. Certainly not something NSFW. ***
Some of you will be reading this, because you are logged in and authenticated with the old method.
And I know after reading these instructions, you will have questions, if not... maybe you didn't read... but the point is this...
The new auth system manages logins for ALL SERVICES we provide, and this includes this very forum.
Yes... you have an account now... and yes it will provide you with a new one and no you can't keep your old one.
What about my post count? Well that really is just too bad... you will lose those and you will lose the ability to edit your old posts.
I'm sorry but that is just the way it is.

If you are part of a special role group such as Fleet Commanders, Kingsguards, etc etc... please submit a join request for the appropriate groups and the staff responsible will verify and accept your group requests accordingly.

For CEOs & Corp Directors, please follow the instructions posted on the Tech Support forums.


Thank you very much for your attention. Fly Safe!

Moon Mining / VOWRA R32 + R16 + R8 Moon Mining OP
« Last post by [VOWRA] R-Adi on April 24, 2018, 02:13:20 pm »

Here is the VOWRA thread for our Moon Mining Events.

The Athanor named "Beer garden" is placed in Q-HJ97 on Planet IX Moon 16.

NEXT MINING EVENT: 2018-07-14 at 7:30 Eve Time
Event is postet ingame on calendar.
The Events will be happen usually every 4 Weeks.

Moon Output: (values rounded)

21% Zircon ~ 2.800.000 m³
39% Chromite ~ 5.200.000 m³
11% Euxenite ~ 1.500.000 m³
30% Cubic Bistot ~ 4.000.000 m³


- Standup M-Set Asteroid Drilling Stability I
- Standup M-Set Moon Ore Grading Processor I (max. yield 84,3%)
- Standup M-Set Enhanded Targeting System I

Reprocessing is only available on Events +1 Day.
Clone Bay only for our Corp and only on Events active. (for switch to PVP Clones if needed)
The event/belt is after launch 3 Days available.

Don't use MTU, when you are not alone in Belt!

The Athanor is armed. (Missile + Bomb Launcher, Neutralizer, Warp Distruptor, Stasis Webifier, Target Painter)

Everyone of the Alliance can use the belt, we set the moon ore tax to 20%. Cubic Bistot is 4free.
We need only the stones, The tax calculation is based on Mining Ledger amount of mined ore.
Create a contract to our Operator (usually is it R-Adi) at our Athanor with the right amount of your stones.
CCP changed the Character search mechanics, you need to set "Only Exact Phrase" option under the private field, if you want to Search Names with "-" like R-Adi.

For docking/safe warps you can use the "Upwell Moon Mining Beacon" (you can add this to overview). This Beacon is usually aprox 200km from belt at 0m on Athanor.
Moon Mining / Y-PNRL Alliance Moon 2018/04/04 18:10 EVE Time
« Last post by [CAF-I] DeLaBu on April 02, 2018, 06:52:40 pm »
When : 2018/04/04 18:10 EVE Time
Where : Y-PNRL CAFee Grinder
What : Ytterbite

This is an alliance moon and all ore must be contracted to CAF Industries.
Also send me an e-mail detailing other ships that will not show on the mining ledger (haulers, boosters).

Spoz will then reimburse the miners.

This moon already detonates on 2018/04/03, but I'll only be available to try and help run this on 2018/04/04
Moon Mining / Re: Moon Mining Operations
« Last post by [SCGM] Spoz Virtus on March 02, 2018, 09:32:59 pm »
Operations 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 have now been paid out - I will now total and add the latest operations!
Moon Mining / Re: Moon Mining Operations
« Last post by [-F-S-] Pepster on March 02, 2018, 12:11:47 pm »
Did this get paid out, McChump doesn't seem to of received anything :)
Moon Mining / Re: Moon Mining Operations
« Last post by [SCGM] Spoz Virtus on February 26, 2018, 12:42:54 am »
Total payouts for operations 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 are below. This will be paid tomorrow (Monday).

Aleksandra Ipsum   405,406,489
Alicia Echerie   63,059,927
Ato Miromme   205,446,131
Aunt en Thielles   182,637,198
Bamse Mums   669,774,995
Barkal Blackmane   124,458,382
Beza Ipsum   341,003,719
Cap Moley   30,707,496
Captain McLoughlin   76,624,715
Childe Prophet   189,581,087
Dalden Gorivich   96,828,931
Darth Xaln Deathwatcher   302,440,783
Echo5eve Ohmiras   760,023,986
Eternal Griever   4,087,371
Ezira Rayleigh   604,039,328
Falmic   16,352,812
Febinochi   319,571,190
Francis Raven   18,533,740
Gaia Eternae   46,804,518
GallopingTortoise   206,532,945
GuardianNomu   129,197,434
He's friendly Vulpes   160,628,519
Huba Baba   72,317,626
Iceinio Man-Ar-Kell   81,672,838
igud dugi   445,911,065
Infinite Mac   118,652,070
Jal Darine   106,415,131
Jimwestza   118,652,070
Johannes Ipsum   350,578,292
John Marley   173,714,873
Julian Arthie   138,598,680
Julian Fonulique   172,305,261
Julian Pappotte   194,749,176
Kier Naskingar   208,831,757
Koba Minamo   60,176,846
Kuji-san Morendi   93,561,196
Kurtizzle GarraChina   150,355,436
Larry Lemont   92,582,897
Mack Mandelstrom   94,997,471
MCChump   327,245,850
Mister Davaham   68,470,928
Mother1978   74,684,409
Neirana Nenuati   162,337,206
Nenu Airuta   163,288,157
Neta Pappotte   120,529,721
Oliadar Shakiel   118,652,070
Philip Aurgnet   86,921,763
Proffesor Kain Research   14,902,496
Pyro Aldent   107,881,093
RAMWEEZY   46,856,166
RandoJurraso   199,943,602
Raspberry Pizzle   112,863,234
Sai Akiga   80,210,932
Scarface 420   213,001,669
Siergiej Auscent   37,613,482
Slipknot TheGreek   135,981,433
Spazzz1978   17,796,991
Spoz Virtus   106,626,102
Steelforge Sarain   168,103,390
The Unforgiven Eternals   237,787,444
Thessa Chilien   384,644,527
Titanius Sharvas   318,585,943
Tradeizzle MoneyMaker   44,379,305
TSELLIOT   86,345,398
Ty Lan   99,178,243
Vincent Chihuly   277,973,665
x6Kirk9x   151,610,978
xXxCartmanxXx   180,581,175
yamatosan   181,122,147
Zefix Mining   19,428,016
zinner Antollare   624,865,378
Zoso Alabel   430,352,464
Zosoine Aideron   504,636,953
Zulu Ipsum   331,537,693

Operations 20b, 23, 24 and 25 (today QETZ) will be paid out later.
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